Thursday, August 22, 2013

Easy, Quick Veggie Dip

We love sour cream. If I gave my boys spoons and the three pound tub of full-fat Daisy, it would be gone in half an hour. One time, son #2 sat eating sour cream out of the container with his hands for five minutes while mommy thought he was finishing his dinner. (New baby...) The boys argue over who gets to lick the spoon every time a dollop is plopped on something.

To cash in on this happy obsession, I make dip for their veggies with their precious sour cream. It's easy and lasts for weeks, so I always make a lot at once.

Plus, it's my understanding that eating fat with most veggies aids in the absorption of the vitamins and minerals they contain. Also, it's nice at snacktime because it fills them up til dinner.

I should mention that I also enjoy eating this dip from the spoon...

Try it!

Easy Veggie Dip

2 cups full fat sour cream (I use Daisy brand because it has ONE ingredient: cream.)
1/2 tsp RealSalt garlic salt
1/2 tsp RealSalt onion salt
2 tsp dried dill
2 shakes cayenne pepper
1-2 T lemon juice
Optional: half an avocado for added nutrition

Mix well. That's all!

Note: If you don't have the RealSalt onion and garlic salt, just use regular, or use onion and garlic powder with salt added (probably 1/4 tsp for the powders, 1/2 tsp for the salt). Personally, I like knowing that we're all getting the natural trace minerals from the sea salt, though. They're worth buying!

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