Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Favorite Oatmeal

All my life, I thought I hated oatmeal. Because in my mind, oatmeal was gooey, slimey, mushy, plain, and gross. Well, then I started making this oatmeal. I got the idea from a random facebook post. Put eggs in the pot with the oatmeal?? Crazy. Crazy genius, I mean. (Sorry...) My problem with oatmeal (besides the above adjectives) is that it is low on protein and fat unless you doctor it up pretty good. I am one of those mommies who has been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last 7 years; combine that with unstable blood sugar, and I need my protein and fat.

blueberries and butter - my big guy's bowl

So! Here is my favorite oatmeal. Many variations would taste equally delicious. Since my middle guy is currently dairy free, this recipe is dairy free. If it weren't for him, it most certainly would not be dairy free. He he.

applesauce and coconut oil - middle guy

Disclaimer: There are many opinions about oatmeal regarding desired consistency. I admit that not all people like their oatmeal thick and kind of chewy. If you are one of those people, do not try my recipe. Or try it and change your mind...

maple syrup and butter - yes, that might be a lot of syrup...

My Favorite Oatmeal
2 cups old fashioned oats, gluten-free if desired
1-2 T Bragg's apple cider vinegar 
The night before: Add oatmeal to a pot (big enough to cook it in); add vinegar, and then add water enough to cover the oatmeal and then some. 
2-4 T coconut oil
2-4 eggs (depends on how rich/filling you want it)
2 T gelatin (I like to use grassfed, currently using Great Lakes)
dash salt
The morning of: Add a little more water, maybe 1/2 cup or so, stir, and turn burner on to medium. Add coconut oil, gelatin, and dash of salt. Add the eggs - 4 whole eggs makes this amount of oats pretty fluffy. My current favorite thing to do is just to use 4 eggs yolks (and use the resulting whites in these meringue cookies!) as it makes the oatmeal creamy but keeps the histamine content down for me (more on that in another post). 

this pot has one whole egg plus two yolks  
Keep mostly covered, stirring here and there, and turn heat down to medium-low once it starts to bubble. Add more water if needed (if it starts looking more like playdough than oatmeal). Keep cooking at a low temperature until thick.

...not done...

I like to eat my oatmeal with a big pat of butter and maple syrup. Or maple syrup marshmallows, if you happen to have those lying around. Sometimes we add blueberries or cinnamon at the very end. If you stir maple syrup into the leftovers (Ha! Leftovers?) and then fry them in some butter, they are some delicious toasty oatcakes.

melty marshmallow happiness

little guy's - butter and applesauce

He ate that WHOLE bowl.

Thanks for reading! Happy eating!
-- Christine


  1. So you can have leftovers and they are okay? And can you use Steele Cut Oats?

    1. Some days yes...some says no. If I'm feeling iffy, the boys eat it all. ;) I've only tried steel cut once. I think it took more time and more water, but I'm not positive...


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